I like to support the people who decided to reach for their
full potential and to connect with their origin.
I do this by making this symbols and a corresponding path.

Together we find your Blueprint.
A transforming experience that is ultimately endorsed with a unique symbol.
A symbol which stands for your highest potential.

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The symbols are meant for on your altar.
Now is the time that we start honoring our highest selves
like we do with Jesus, Buddha or Hare Krishna.
We are divine beings just like them and carry
responsibility for creating our own lives.

When you choose to tattoo your symbol
we do this in a ritual setting.
The tattoo is usually done by hand, using special inks
and a tattoo pen made from meteorite
iron and damascus (a special iron used to
forge Japanese swords and the Indonesian kris knife).

On request I create jewelry or Power objects, so you
can wear your Personal Symbol close to you.

I also make wooden coasters with your Symbol
to charge drinking water.

It’s also possible to create a symbol for the relationship
between 2 people. Or a family.
And..I am open for any seggestions.


In the first consultation we (normally)start with a constellation.
I use this intuitive way of question and answer a lot in my work.

We may immediately come to your symbol or if that is not the case, I will determine how many follow-up sessions are needed and explain in depth which personalized path we are going to follow.
This all in consideration with your needs.

Typically, 1 to 4 sessions are required for this path. There may be a few weeks, but also a few months between sessions. This differs per person and their needs.

In the sessions we work with setups.
We do this so that you can experience and embody your highest potential.
We also trace negative beliefs that we can release and / or bend in a simple ritual.
It may be that other themes come up that we will also work on. This is the framework in which I work.

The length of these sessions are 1.5 to 3 hours.

The four winds:

These sessions are about four personal forces that each stand for 1 wind direction. Each wind direction is connected to one of the elements.
With every wind direction you may also receive a symbol that represents your personal super-powers. They are the building blocks that will support you to embody your full potential. My intention is to guide you into feeling and experiencing these powers so you know how to implement them in daily life.

The 5th element:

This is an important session which consists of several small constellations. Your ‘higher self’ will communicate your mission here on earth and show a glimpse of that vision.
An essential part of this session is an constellation with the ‘inner child’. We have to become mature and responsible without losing contact with the child in us.
The session will also provide clarity on the next steps for you to take.

*Because each process is highly individual, this is an indication.
A different approach might be needed for you and your needs. We feel and communicate this during our first meeting.

During this session I hand over your personal symbol. You will receive an extensive reading for what he stands for. I will read this and print it for you.

The symbol stands for your Blueprint and is the key for me to do an extensive reading about your task here on earth.

In this session I will explain how you can make an altar for your symbol, so that you can fully connect to it for at least 21 days.

After this integration time, we can meet again to activate your symbol and, if you wish, also tattoo.

I hand over your symbol framed. Painted on paper.

Upon special request, I burn your symbol, like a tattoo, in a flat piece of sacred wood from the Masai tribe. I brought this piece of wood from Kenya and personally selected and polished it for you. You can use this to meditate. Also to charge your drinking water.

I make power objects and jewelry from gems, among other things. I can also paint the symbol on a silk scarf. Many options are negotiable.

The first consultation costs 125 euros. The duration of the session can be up to 2 hours.

The costs of any follow-up sessions are 77 euros per hour. These last from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. I make detailed notes during the sessions. Optionally I type this out for you. The costs for this are 33 euros per session.

The number of sessions, the duration and the time between sessions are different per person. Together we determine what works best for you. On average, 3 sessions are needed before I make the symbol.

The costs for the symbol are 222 euros.
This includes the following: Creating and handing over framed symbol and extensive reading. I read this during the presentation and I give the typed version ..

For business customers the costs are 125 euros per hour.

I use different prices for tattoos, jewelry, power items.


The sessions take place in the beautiful yurt of Mahara
at the Clercqstraat 123 in Amsterdam.

For more information and/or an appointment
you can contact me by email .