I like to support the people who decided to reach for their
full potential and to connect with their origin.
I do this by making this symbols and a corresponding path.

Together we find your Blueprint.
A transforming experience that is ultimately endorsed with a unique symbol.
A symbol which stands for your highest potential.

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It is now time to honour our higher self just like Jesus, Buddha or Hare Krishna. We are also divine beings and are responsible for creating our own lives. For this we create a unique symbol. A symbol that represents your highest potential and is placed on your altar.

On special request, it is possible to get your symbol tattooed or have a powerful object (for example wooden coaster with an engraving to charge drinking water) or piece of jewellery created with it.

When you choose to have the symbol tattooed, we do this in a ritual setting. The tattoo is done by hand. Special ink is used and a tattoo pen made of meteorite iron and Damascus (an iron type that is used for Japanese swords and Indonesian krisses). For the larger designs a tattoo machine is used.

It is possible to create a symbol for a connection between 2 people, family, company, a house or a pet. If you have any ideas yourself, we can discuss them.

Symbols are signs, images, expressions that have a dual orientation. The symbol derives its special strength from the fact that the literal meaning refers to a second, which transcends the first. The word “symbol” is derived from the Greek word “symbolon”, which means sign or mark.


The first step in the process of creating your personal symbol is a telephone consultation. Based on this, and an optional personal consultation, I start the design process (read more: optional personal consultation).

Following our initial contact, your spirit will be questioned about it’s highest potential. Simultaneously, the symbol and text unfold about your talents and your task here on earth. The symbol acts as a key to this text. To keep this connection pure, I only focus on one person at a time. The length of the creative process varies from person to person, but on average takes a few days.

When your symbol and story are ready you will be contacted to make an appointment. During this session, you will be presented with your story and your symbol will be explained. You will also receive a digital recording of this reading. Your symbol will be framed and painted on paper.

Furthermore, you will be thought how to make an altar at home to help you connect with your symbol. This should be done for at least 21 days to make sure the symbol resonates with you. After this integration time, we can meet again to activate and if you wish get it tattooed.

On special request I make objects or jewelry for your symbol. Many options are negotiable.

We can schedule a personal consultation before creating your symbol. This unstructured session gives us a chance to get to know each other through an intuitive question and answer method which I use a lot in my work.

This session allows you to be more involved in the creation process of your symbol. If you want to go even deeper, you can choose the path of the four wind directions and the fifth element.

The four winds:

These sessions are about the four personal forces, each representing a wind direction. Each wind direction is linked to one of the elements: earth, fire, water, air. These are the building blocks that will support you to fully empower yourself. With every wind direction, we look for your personal talents; your superpowers. Under my guidance, you will learn to feel, and use, them fully in everyday life. My task is to create a safe space for this.

The fifth element:

This is an important session. An indispensable part of it is a constellation with the “inner child /SUN”. We should take back our responsibility and grow up without losing touch with the child within us. Your “higher I/CROWN” will tell us what your role is here on Earth and show you a glimpse of it.

The path:

The path consists of one to four sessions. The interval between sessions can be several weeks, to several months depending on the person.

In these sessions, we work with constellations. We do this so that you can experience and embody your highest potential. We detect negative beliefs, which we can let go and / or turn around in a ritual. We can also work true other themes that we encounter.

The length of these sessions varies 1.5 to 3 hours.

In the future “The Path” will be offered in group sessions.

Since every individual is unique a different approach may be needed. We discuss this together during the first meeting.


The cost of a personal symbol is 444 euros.

This includes the following: Telephone consultation. Making and handing over the hand-painted framed symbol and the extensive reading. Activating the symbol.

How long the creating process takes varies from person to person, but on average it takes me a few days. The session of handing over the personal symbol and reading lasts an average of 1 hour.


This first consultation costs 125 euros. The duration of the session will be approximately 1.5 hour.

This consultation is not necessary for me to make your symbol.


The costs of the (optional) follow-up sessions are 99 euros per hour. These last 1 to 3 hours. The number of sessions, the duration and the time between the sessions are different per person. We determine in advance what works best for you. “The path of the 4 wind directions and the 5th element” also falls under coaching.

THE PATH of the four wind directions and the fifth element

In the future “The Path” will be offered in group sessions.
More information will follow.


-I use different prices for business customers.
-I have different prices for tattoos, jewelry, power objects.
-Because it is an individual process, this information and prices are an indication


Our brand NEW studio is THE place if you want to be tattooed in a conscious or ceremonial way by our beautiful team of tattoo artists.

The entrance of this tattoo studio is in the magical garden of the Mahara / Araham.

Sometimes the sessions also take place in the Yurt of the Mahara.

@ de Clercqstraat 123 Amsterdam.

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