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Sometimes everything falls into place.
This always happens exactly on time.

As a little girl, drawing was my passion, I made countless detailed drawings, especially animals and people.
In my career as a tattoo artist I noticed that my drawings became more and more simple.
Not only because I love the simplicity, but also because in the long run, these remain the most beautiful on skin.
I love how after a long time my tattoos still have the same appearance as when I just made them.

I was known for my traditional sailor-style tattoos, but after 20 years it was time for something else..

As long as I can remember, I have the ‘gift’ of seeing people in their authenticity, in their full nature without any masks. I see people in their highest potential, how they are when fully utilizing their personal talents and unique qualities. This brings with it also the knowing of the incredible importance of standing for who we truly are.

I feel that we should cherish everyone’s uniqueness and not just do what is expected of us. By others, by our parents, our surroundings.. instead we should really listen to ourselves; what we really like; what we feel passion for; what we are good at and get energy from, without external influences.

People often are so caught in their conditioning they cannot see their pure potential and therefore do not live it either. I have experienced this as frustrating in the past:
‘Don’t you not see who you are?!’

I could see it, but I had not yet given a concrete form to how I could use this gift positively.

More and more I find myself surrouned by beautiful, brave people who also see the importance of all this.
People who discover their personal talents and work with them. Those who say YES to who they really are and with that say YES to their lives. YES to their true nature and coming into balance with all that is.

I believe that if you do what really makes you happy you can develop yourself into your highest potential.
If we are collectively aware of this, it will contribute to a more beautiful, and  much more joyeus world.

Also, I once rolled into shamanism. I was in a difficult space for a while and ‘coincidentaly’ I met a very nice and interesting man.
He said he could help me and that he was a shaman.

He explained to me that shamans are people who have one leg in the visible world and the other in the invisible world.
That the shaman connects these two worlds in his heart with which he brings healing to the places where it is needed.
That can be in humans, in animals, but also in nature.

The energy of this man felt very pure and familiar.

At that moment I was in despair and so i decited to meet him. Thinking that I would go to a healing, to my surprise it turned out to be a ‘course’ on how to become a shaman myself. Fortunately I did not know that, otherwise I would never go!

There I started a beautiful and complete path: the path of Inca shamanism.

A path where I brought light to the darkness within in myself. Where I dared to face my fears and start the confrontation.

It felt like a school of magic, and for the first time in my life I was a good student! Since then, my life has turned around completely. It was as if I had lived in a theater all my life and that the curtains to the real world finally opened up.

Something that I always ‘knew’ but never had so confirmed.

My beautiful job as a tattoo artist also continued. Together with my good friend Amber de Zeeuw I made powerful jewellery from gemstones and traveled to places such as Rajasthan. Our business: Jewels, Treasures and Tattoos. Above all I have the great honor to be the mother of my dear beautiful child Ronja, with whom I always travel the world.

Things already partly fell into place over the years. However, at an opening of the Tattoo Museum, It all made sense. Throughout the centuries tattooers have always been some sort of shamans. These were often women, who had an important role in the tribe to ensure the welfare of the people. Their tattoos would make the wearer fertile or protect them against diseases or violence. Such a responsible job! That’s how I always experienced my work.

As a 17-year-old girl, I had my first tattoo, together with my father. Shortly after, he passed away. That tattoo means the world to me. A few years later I was tattooed by monks in a Thai temple. It was the birthday of the Monk of the Tiger. People went into a trance through the holy
tattoos and turned into tigers and other animals in the temple. Such an impressive experience! This magic tattoo stands for protection and I certainly experienced that protection afterwards. This inspired me to become a tattoo artist at the age of 19. So before I started tattooing, I knew that tattoos were much more than just a picture.
Tattoos are as old as mankind. They can be found in history all over the world. Otzi, an ice mummy that lived about 5350 years ago, was covered in tattoos. There are tattoos on Egyptian mummies that date from almost 2000 BC.
Why did we ones start tattooing? What is their symbolic meaning? These kind of questions have always puzzled my mind.

For a long time I practiced shamanism without medicine plants. Other methods of traveling into the deep layers of ourselfs fascinated me, like breathwork, constellations, pressure points, dance and voice liberation. You do not need a single plant for that. However, there was a moment when the Ayahuasca plant “called me”. This medicine plant has been used for centuries by various Indian tribes.
A dear childhood friend of mine asked me to join a year training that is necessary to become a facilitator at Ayahuasca ceremonies. At that time I did not intend to drink the plant myself, but my intuition told me that I should take part in that training.

The year training was great! I am still grateful for what I have learned, experienced and everyone I met there. Especially for the healing I have found for myself.
After finishing the year there, I woke up one day with a wish to partake in a ceremony.
During my first Ayahuasca I was sat down next  to a very special man. At the end of the session he told me: “You are going to learn to forge and make ritual tattoos”. I immediately said: “Yes!” and knew he was right. Shortly thereafter, I was hanging over the fire with a sword-blacksmith to forge my own tattoo tools, with which now I place my symbols. They are made of Damascus (like Japanese swords and krissen) and meteorite iron. A beautiful and powerful instrument.

Nowdays I have created many ‘highest potential’ symbols, as I trend to call them, for people.
They are not necessarily intended to be tattoos, but merely a symbol that I create for your personal altar.
Now is the time that we honor our highest self, just like Jesus, Buddha or Hare Krishna. We are divine beings just like them and have full responsibility for our own lives.

The main tattoos I still create are my symbols. They are the only tattoos that still make sense for me to create. They are deeply rooted in the intention of the origins of tattoos.
Beside all this, me and my family are involved in the well-being of our planet, our focus is mainly water…but that story remains for some other time! Aho ❤️.