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Ras Manos:

“It was important to me that tattooing is done consciously so that various symbols can get their strength when they are transferred to my skin.

Through conscious appreciation, we have begun each tattoo-session by a small ritual with a short meditation.
So we could focus on the meaning of each symbol during the session.

Maxine has the ability to wake up a symbol to life through loving devotion and her conscious art of tattooing.

I hardly felt any pain while getting tattood.
After I felt like the freshly tattooed symbol manifested itself in my organism and was in harmony with my soul.

Thank you Maxine on all levels of consciousness for this unique, magic and loving experience!”


Job Tuerlings :

Bij deze wil ik erkenning geven aan lieve Maxine Vogt en wat ze in gang aan het zetten is!!!

Vanuit een super gaaf ritueel brengt ze je bij je hoogste potentieel en zet dit om in een teken/tattoo.

Dus mocht je al langertijd de wens hebben voor ene tattoo, maar niet weet wat! Dit wijffie maakt er een bijzondere waardevolle ervaring van. En dan zal je tattoo ook… voor iets wezenlijks staan

Geke Dijkstra :

The symbol Maxine channelled for me is incredibly powerful and accurate and the tattoo on my arm representing the symbol as well.
What a magical co-creation it was with Maxine, without any interference of the mind; mind-blowing!

Suzanne Roursgaard:

A beautiful woman made this symbol for me. My very own personal symbol with all the quality’s she sees in me. All my potentials. Thank you Maxine Vogt❤